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He. Is. Amazing. -Saint Louis, MO

I received a non surgical midcheek and eye lid lift. The experience was painless, quick, financially feasible. I was beyond surprised how effective my results were! Literally, I could not have been more pleased. I originally went in for a lower blepharoplasty consultation to have my bags removed and smile lines corrected. After careful observation he recommended this procedure. Having an... READ MORE

Questions from Kay1891

How Many People Have Long Term Difficulty Breathing After Rhinoplasty?

My biggest fear is having more congestion and restricted airways after surgery. I enjoy running and challenging myself physically. My doctor mentioned there is a chance of long... READ MORE

Would Juvederm Help Create an Upper Lip when I Smile? (photo)

I have a lower lip, but no upper lip. How long would it last? I am really not found of the lips that look unnatural-think Housewives of Beverly Hills! Thank so much! READ MORE

How Will a Chin Implant Help a Rounded Face? (photo)

Would a chin implant add some shape to the face? I have attached two photos of Bristol Palin after her surgery. I am assuming that is more than a chin implant and her jaw was... READ MORE

How Will a Chin Implant Affect My Frontal View? How Painful is It? Do You Have to Remove it?

I main question is how would a chin implant affect my frontal view? My face is round and I would like it narrow down to a chin. Could a chin implant assist with this? How... READ MORE

How Would a Chin Implant Compliment a Rhinoplasty from the Front Profile? (photo)

Hopefully my pictures will load this time. I have a very round face and I am wondering if a chin implant from the front view would allow me to achieve more shape. Bristol Palin... READ MORE

If Juvederm Didn't Work on my Smile Lines, What Are Some Good Alternatives? (photo)

I had to viles of Juvederm used on my smile lines. It was improved for about a month, but now it has returned to normal especially on one side. I am only 31 and hate that my... READ MORE

Skin Tightening for Face Options and Opinions? (photo)

There are older threads that respond very well to this question, however they are 5 years old or more. I am 32 and my face has really just started sagging around my mouth,... READ MORE

I need a nose, chin, and my under eye bags fixed. I wonder if I should see a specialist for each?

This question has been asked before, but I am hoping to get some honest and open advice/feedback. We can look at the before and after photos, but I can I can tell some are... READ MORE

Photoshop Vs. 3-D Modeling?

Which do you feel gives a better indication of end result when dealing with facial plastic surgery. My surgeon only uses Photoshop. I do that for a living and wonder just how... READ MORE

Latisse and Brownish/pinkish Eye Lids?

I know this has been noted as a side effect, but are there any tips to prevent it? It's my entire eyelid not just the lash line. The brushes they include are abrasive and dry.... READ MORE

Skin is Too Thin for Rhinoplasty: Alternatives? (photo)

I was just told my skin was too thin for rhinoplasty. I trust my doctor on this decision, but are there any alternatives? I have lost all the fat in my nose & face. You can... READ MORE

Lip Augementation for Upper Lip & Side Profile Suggestions? (photo)

What would balance out my upper lip? There is no red lip tissue along the top (from the side profile). How would the side profile look/change? The slope from my nose to the top... READ MORE

Fascia Grafts for Thin Skin First Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Your middle third is also narrow, setting you up for postoperative internal valvular incompetence.' What does that mean for my breathing? I would be getting a fascia graft, but... READ MORE

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Any recommendations for a rhinoplasty surgeon in St.Louis, MO?

I am 31 years old and have hated my nose for about 22 of those years!  It's turned upright, uneven nostrils, boney, and awkward.  As aging has occurred I started to... READ MORE

Statistics for breathing degradation after rhinoplasty

My biggest fear is having more congestion and restricted airways after surgery.  I enjoy running and challenging myself physically.  My doctor mentioned there is a... READ MORE

How Painfull is a Chin Implant?

My doc suggested one when I went in to have my nose reviewed.  I think I need one, but I am getting mixed reviews about the pain.  Surprisingly most indicate... READ MORE

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Ah I'm in saint Louis as well :) Your gorgeous with or without rhinoplasty! Let us know how it goes... READ COMMENT

Angiemcc, apologies, I just saw your question. I do have before and after photos, but honestly the best way to see the changes are on Dr. Nayak's website. The video tells and shows all. I have also been keeping this up. READ COMMENT

You look great! I wish I had your nose! How bad was the pain? Was the chin implant bad? READ COMMENT

No one? Where is a good place to ask questions then? I would hate to ask the doctors. READ COMMENT

Awesome! That is my biggest fear lol..well one. I will keep checking each day to see how you feel ;) READ COMMENT