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Would the Shape of my Nasal Tip Change if Anterior Inferior Boarder of my Nasal Cartilage Was Removed?

I am a guy in my 20. and I had septoplasty in my 16. I just found that septoplasty in puberty may affect the growth of the septal cartilage and most people's septal cartilage... READ MORE

Is Membranous Septum Cartilage or Soft Tissue?

Is membranous septum cartilage or soft tissue ? Thank you READ MORE

Can Doctors Tell the Septal Cartilage Was Removed or Reshaped in Septoplasty by CT Image?

If it was removed, can doctors tell where and how much it was removed by CT imageļ¼Ÿ READ MORE

Why is the Bent Septal Cartilage Sometimes Removed, Sometime Reshaped in Septoplasty?

I mean in what cases, it should be removed, in what cases, it just need to be reshaped? READ MORE

Would the Scar That Left on my Nasal Septum Influence the Shape of my External Nose?

After septoplasty, I found out there is a big scar left on my nasal septum, it is around the my left nostril. So will the shape of my external nose change cause of the scar? READ MORE

Would Sinus Surgery Cause Scar on Nasal Septum?

I had sinus surgery many years ago, and I found there is a spindly scar left on my nasal septum that is under the inferior nasal concha . Is this normal or actually a accident?... READ MORE