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Things are looking really good! Yay you! Today I am 40 days post op from my original surgery. I see the surgeon tomorrow. My pain is minimal unless I press in certain spots. My right breast is still discolored on the underneath incision... READ COMMENT

I am now 30 days post op from my original BR, 15 days from when they reopened my right breast. I am glad to see my exhaustion is not abnormal, not that I wish exhaustion ant any of you. I find it odd that ir is not necessarily better... READ COMMENT

Hi. It's so very great of you to continue to post. I found out why my right breast as been so problematic. Hematoma. :(. I started to stream thick dark blood on Saturday. I was terrified. On Sunday my surgeon met me at his clinic. He... READ COMMENT

I am one week post op and my right breast is still my only issue. My incision under that breast is painful especially compared to the left side. The left side is just fine. The right looked worse from the get go. They attributed that to... READ COMMENT

Oh and PS I have had really bad acid reflux since day one pist op. Yesterday I took Pepcid and I had a much better day and night. This morning I feel okay too. Hoping I don't have to take more. Also my stomach has been upset since the... READ COMMENT