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Hydroquinone for Fading Spots - New York, NY

After pregnancy I had melasma and age spots started appearing. My dermatologist recommended Obagi Blue chemical peel. I decided not to do this...was too expensive and he warned me I needed to stay out of the sun for a period of time. This isn't possible because I work at a plant nursery part-time. He then prescribed me a product with 4% hydroquinine called Aclaro. I used it twice daily. It... READ MORE

Relaxing but Didn't Help my Sagging Skin

I learned about acupuncture facelifts from an NBC news program where I saw amazing before-and-after pictures. I found a Acupuncture physician on Craigslist [maybe that's where I went wrong] and got an appointment. The treatment session involved 5 acupuncture needles that surprisingly didn't hurt when inserted into my skin. I hate pain, so I would say it's painfree. After 20... READ MORE

Try Tea Bags --cheap and Easy

I read a while ago in Allure that placing tea bags (not scalding hot!) over your eyes to reduce puffiness. I started out by buying a product called Jane Eyes Tea. But soon I realized I was paying $1 for each tea bag that's no different from one's I get at Safeway for a fraction of the cost! Each evening I take 10 minutes with chilled Stash chamomile bags over my eyes (I used them... READ MORE

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This posting was super helpful. so much great insight shared. thank you. would love to see before and after pics if you are comfortable posting READ COMMENT

There is absolutely a correlation between sun exposure and skin cancer. If you have any new moles, freckles or patches of discoloration that have recently arrived, changed shape or profile -Go see your doctor. Freckles and pigment... READ COMMENT

Ann should be number 1! In her More magazine (this month's) cover shot she made it be known that she would be makeup free and naked. NBC stopped the naked part, but wow, that's confidence in one's beauty! She mentions in her... READ COMMENT