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How Much is a Body Lift and a Tummy Tuck Revision on a 6'5 Male? (photo)

I lost allot of weight, thus the gym did help, but not the way i was expecting, had a TT in'06, was not very happy, still have love handles and i felt that the doc. could have... READ MORE

So After a Belt Lipectomy; Can You Sit? is It Painful?

I was just reading where a poster on Real Self had a Belt Lipectomy; and as i read, it said it deals with the lower part fo the body (buttocks, flanks/love handles). So my... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift Vs. Upper Body Lift? (photo)

I posted pics before, but they weren't that good, so i tried to take ones w/better lighting. I want to know from the experts, which surgery is better for me the upper body lift... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a neck lift to remove the loose chin of the jowl and chin area? (photo)

I would also like to have a neck lift to remove the loose chin of the jawl and chin area, also i have enclosed a photo for i want to know if the fold of skin on the back of my... READ MORE

Microdermabrasion and Acne?

I have acne and scars, and was wondering if dermabrasion would remove the existing scars; then i'm also wondering if acne is the underlying problem, how can it last with future... READ MORE

Your thoughts on interns or students doing surgery (for potential patients trying to save $$)

I was wondering what your thoughts were on going to have work done by students or newly degreed doctors in the cosmetic field? READ MORE

Necklift vs. Biltmore lift?

Saw this today while reading a post on the site (Biltmore lift), and wanted to know if there was any difference between it adn the necklift? READ MORE

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Glad all went well! congrats, i hope to one day have it too, but i have messed up so bad on my diet/exercise, i have to get back on track, but glad someone else is making their dreams reality :-) READ COMMENT

Awe thank you! so nice of you, you are a gem! And i'm glad that you are happy w/your results, you should be, you look gr8! Thanks, i do want it, but it'll have to be this time next year (that's when i take my use-or-loose leave fr. my... READ COMMENT

Yeah i remember from my tummy tuck how restricted i was so i will def. respect that it was major surgery whenever i have my body lift. Glad you did well (recovery) and had a good support team. READ COMMENT