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Questions from WuTangClanANTFW

Why Are my Eyes Uneven, What Can Be Done? (photo)

I've noticed my right eye having a different shape than my left since I was around 4 years old, but 3-4 years ago I noticed an unevenness in my eyes. I've become really OCD... READ MORE

I have narrow and uneven eyes, what would I need done to achieve the eyes in the photo below? (photo)

I want my eyes to look like the image on the right. As you can see my eyes are more narrow, the hood is shaped better, my bottom eyelid is straighter, my left eye is more even,... READ MORE

What can I do to increase the size of my masseter muscles?

I want my jaw to be similar to the actor James Hyde, and although my jaw is similar in size my masseters aren't as large as his, I don't want plastic surgery since I plan on... READ MORE