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Liposuction Part 2: Lipo of Entire Middle - Before and Afters Posted - Miami, FL

To first read part 1 of my Liposuction Journey, please click here. Haven’t gotten my before and afters from Dr. P, but I found some of my own that will do. I took some pics of myself yesterday evening for afters. The pics actually make me feel a little better about my shape. I am liking the smoothed out look I have. I have to say for Dr. Perry, even though I had seen in his... READ MORE

Liposuction Part 1: Lipo of Entire Middle - Before and Afters Posted - Miami, FL

01/21 Sorry in advance if all of this is such a jumble. I didn't realize how much I had to say until I finally got around to coming out of my stealth-mode and spilling it all at once. February 8th CANNOT come soon enough....I'm so excited for this procedure! I've been thinking about it for several years, and as last summer was winding down, I started doing research. Finding this site... READ MORE

Questions from MaxInMaximas104

Even if my Skin Contracts After Lipo, Will It Feel Different to the Touch?

I have seen many pitures of liposuction (esp abs/back/flanks) where really impressive skin contraction occurs. But I have also heard that superficial lipo damages and thins the... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Maximize Skin Retraction and Smoothness After Lipo?

I know, i know, the outome of lipo is based on the doctor's skill and my own genetics/skin condition. But is there any advice as to pre or post-op pratices I could perform to... READ MORE

If You Get Full Back/flank Lipo, Can You See the Results from the Front?

My concern is that the skin on my abdomen is much looser than the skin on my back and hips. I am pretty much set on getting my back and flanks lipod to smooth out my side... READ MORE

Why Do Some People Get More Results with the Same Amount of Fat/tissue Liposuctioned?

I've looked at a seemingly endless amount of before & after photos. Why is it that ssome people, who have had, say, 3000 ccs removed have a relatively small change, and... READ MORE

Would I Benefit from Chin Liposuction? (photo)

Based on the photos, do you think liposuction would get rid of the pudge under my chin/jowels and give me a better jawline? My skin in that area seems pretty tight, and there's... READ MORE

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How to Make Your Belly Button Look Good After Abdominal Lipo?

I've seen afters (especially of girls like me, with stretch marks on their belly) who have the loose, deflated starfish looking belly button when the abs are lipo'd. Does... READ MORE

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Bbeautfiful! You look AMAZING. Spectaualr. You look like a damn egg timer! I love your body shape, good for you, have fun with that bod! READ COMMENT

Thank you for everything Bbeautiful :) It's so nice to have supportive people who have gone through this before around. READ COMMENT

Thank you lil bit :) Seeing the before and afters side-by-side are making me happier than I was READ COMMENT

Hope everything turns out well! Don't let the first week get to you! You have less fat on your frame than me, so you will probably see an awesome difference. READ COMMENT

Aww Chicky! I actually got lipo because whenever I lost weight from working out and dieting, my skin/boobs looked saggy, but on this side of it, I've been thinking maybe I should have just done it naturally and gotten the skin... READ COMMENT