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How to Repair Old (Overlooked) Zygoma/Maxilla Bone when the Crack / Split Goes Through Infraorbital "Tunnel"?

How to avoid a damage of infraorbital nerve during surgery of that place. Is it possible in that case ? READ MORE

Chronic Infraorbital Nerve Compression - 3 Years?

I have chronic minor compression of the infraorbital nerve (little paresthesia) due to originally overlooked zygomatic/maxillary fracture. My neurologist says, it's about 50%... READ MORE

Infraorbital Nerve Cutted (Totally)?

My maxillofacial suregon told me that my infraorbtial canal is totally damaged - not patent due to overlooked zygomatic-maxillary fracture. Hence infraorbital nerve is cutted... READ MORE

Overlooked Zygomatic Fracture (3 Years Ago) - How Many Incisions Needed to Have Reposition of the Whole Bone? (photo)

I'm looking for some surgeons in the Europe or USA who have great experience in the osteotomy of that bone. I wonder how many incision and where are needed in that kind of... READ MORE

Hydroxyapatite Implants - Zygomatic Bone Augumentation?

Has anyone got practice/experience with this material in augumentation of the cheekbone and zygomatich arch ? What are the adventages and disadventages of using that kind of... READ MORE

I had zygomatic bone complex reposition after overlooked fracture & masseter muscle looks strange. What's the problem? (Photo)

I did NOT have such problems after fracture healed improperly. When I OPEN MY MOUTH the masseter muscle looks strange. Additionally I hear some surfaces noises from my TM joint... READ MORE

Deviated jaw after zygomatic bone complex correction (osteotomy, reposition) overcorrection ? (photos)

I had overlooked fracture. Due to this fact I underwent zygomatic bone osteotomy (whole complex including zygomatic arch) I never used to be symmetric. I told my surgeon to be... READ MORE

Deviated jaw after zygomatic bone reposition (osteotomy) 3 months ago. What can I do? I have MRI + CBCT

I can't find help. Something is wrong. My masseter muscle looks strange when I open my mouth, The jaw is constantly deviated, what damages my TM joints and that damages my ears... READ MORE