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Delayed Start of Invisalign Treatment, Teeth Have Moved Slightly from Where They First Were when Impression Was Made?

I delayed the start of invisalign treatment, my teeth have crowded slightly since the impression was made and the whole left side of my upper teeth seem to have moved (in a... READ MORE

Loss of Volume in Face. Skinny, High Metabolism. Premature Aging Due to Overeating?

I've always looked a lot younger than my age, I'm 21 next week. Lost a lot of fat on my face & volume on my cheekbones quite suddenly- now I look 22, 23- due to... READ MORE

Is Aging Due to Hormonal Imbalance Reversible?

I have aged dramatically in the last 4 or 5 months, I have just turned 21. My skin has lost its glow and Ive lost fullness in my face whilst my hips and thighs have got bigger.... READ MORE

Face Grown Vertically is It Too Late to Fix with Invisalign?

My face has grown vertically dramatically in the last few months, my teeth are crooked but I was still extremely attractive until this point. Friends notice no difference but I... READ MORE

Can Reverse Retin A Premature Ageing Due to Stress?

Im 21 years old. I would have started Retin A a long time ago, but I'm from London, and only just heard about it. Doctors aren't so cosmetically minded here. I've always looked... READ MORE

Is Slow Palatal Expansion an Option if Your Incisors Are Not Straight?

My incisors are at angles, this is to be followed with Invisalign, I am 21. Also, can slow palatal expansion encourage my top jaw forward? READ MORE

I Fear I Have an Underdeveloped Bone Structure?

I was obviously not made to understand the importance of milk and calcium as a child and from the ages of about 9- just recently have not had much calcium if any in my diet for... READ MORE

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Your teeth look amazing, I have a similar problem, did your facial structure change at all with the braces? Did your cheekbones become more pronounced that sort of thing? READ COMMENT