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Can the Nose Change if One Presses on It or Pokes it?

Can the nose change if one presses on it or poke on it no? (not hard) Can the tip change after been hit by something on the middle of the nose? I am a 17 years old male with a... READ MORE

Nose, Tip, Wide, Hump?

Considering surgery. A nose surgery that involves correction of the nose, refinering of nose and hump removal. My question is the following: My nose is crooked, it moves to the... READ MORE

Hair Removal?

I'm just wondering if some of you doctors recommends a home device like silkn sensepil or silkn flash and go to reduce and prevent hair growth? Does it work for men? Please... READ MORE

Hair Removal Laser, Scars, Spots, Who?

Would like to take a laser treatment against hair growth, but are afraid of dark spots and scars. I have light skin and dark hair. Who may be exposed to such damages or side... READ MORE

Hair Removal, Laser Treatment, Scar, When?

When the scar or any spots visible after laser treatment to permanent hair removal? Is it right after treatment or does it take time? Can it be discovered immediately after... READ MORE

Facial Hair Removal, Permanent, Dangerous, Damages?

I'm from the northern district of Africa and the reminiscent of a Spanish in terms of skin tone. I have a skin color that is between light and light brown if it is... READ MORE

Nose, Hair, Laser Removal?

Hello! I have a litle problem ongoing here and just wondering if it is possible to get hair laser treatment against hair growth inside the nose? Thanks for any answars. READ MORE

Nosejob, Closed Rhino-septoplasty?

Can a surgeon correct septum, removing cartilage and refine the tip in the closed method? Thanks. READ MORE

Nose Hair, Shaving?

Hello! I was told and heard earlier that shaving will not generate more hair if one wants to shave, is that true? Can you treat nose hair inside the nosetrils? READ MORE

Nose Spasm?

Hello! My nose has been twitching and I experience spasm in the bridge of the nose. It all started for 2 weeks ago. I am very concerned., because my nose do actually twitch,... READ MORE

Ear size! Is it possible to reduce the overall size of ears? (Photo)

Hello! I have a ear-size issue. I think that my ears is large, but not protruding. Is it possible to reduce the overall size of ears? The picture below ilustrate my condition... READ MORE

How can I improve my penis size?

Hello! Im very sad, because of my penis size. I have heard a lot of "the size dont matter", but the size of it is botherkng me. On my penis I have some scarring, I have read an... READ MORE

What procedure can I have to fix teeth gaps? Help!! (photos)

Hello! I really have a bad self esteem because of gaps between my teeth. I wonder if it dies exist some kind of intervention that can seal the gaps without make reconstruction... READ MORE

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Hello! You look beautiful and your nose very natural even with cast on. Did you had a closed or open method? good recovery time :) READ COMMENT