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5 Best & Worst Things After Mommy Makeover

Last one of 3 kids recently left for college... so its finally time to do it! Had gastric bypass 5 years ago after struggling with weight my entire life...have maintained size 8, yeah! But no matter how hard I work out...stomach is super flabby with ugly shelf and scars from c-section and hysterectomy. Boobs are deflated and look 20 years older than they are. Won't let dh see me naked with... READ MORE

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3 month PO - feeling much better everyday. Swelling better, but not gone yet. Boobs FINALLY dropping YEAHH! Tummy tuck incision is healing great. Belly button still very sore and not healing quite as good as it should be. About... READ COMMENT

Hi sandy...good to hear from...I've been wondering how you have been doing. How do you feel about having revision? What's involved with revision? READ COMMENT

10 weeks PO - tummy tuck incision is looking and healing fantastic! Belly button is still very sore/painful, but rest of muscle repair is feeling almost back to normal. Boobs...size is great (full C/small D), however they still have... READ COMMENT

7 weeks PO - still in swell hell...when will the swelling stop? Boobs look 100 times better than before surgery, but are still not dropping and incisions look a little rough, also nipples are still numb. Tummy tuck incision looks... READ COMMENT

Hi sandy...OMG you look amazing! Boobs look same size in pics. You are rocking that top in the last pic. So do you feel like it was worth it? READ COMMENT