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Can Osteoclasts Be Stimulated on Nasal Bone to Reduce Its Size & Shape?

OR are there any way to dissolve some layer of nasal bone like using acidic properties of lemon or vinegar to dissolve nasal bone by applying it on skin? READ MORE

My Nose Can Be Thinned with Surgery? What It Will Cost? (photo)

My nasal bone is thick & there is little asymmetry in my nose i.e. my nasal bone is straight wall like on my right side while curved bone on left side. as you can see my... READ MORE

Can you tell me of any experienced Rhinoplasty surgeons in Mumbai, India?

I have hook/aquiline nose i am an aspiring model i am scared of worsened cosmetic results after surgery. Please Can you tell me some experienced rhinoplasty surgeons in mumbai,... READ MORE

1 week post op chin implant, I like the way my chin is looking. Will my chin further shrink due to subsiding of swelling?(photo)

I had chin implant to increase vertical height & stoutness of my chin,now 1 week post-op my chin looks good,but my fear is if it will shrink further in height then it will... READ MORE

Has my chin height increased or it is swelling? Had implant 2 weeks ago..I demanded surgeon for max possible increase in height.

Im 2 weeks post chin implant..while consulting my surgeon i demanded maximum chin height increase..now i can see about 1 cm increase in vertical height..& i thing 95% swelling... READ MORE

What can be the best permanent solution for my lips to straighten up corners & little widening as they appear short & droopy?

I want to have lips like(close to) jon kortajarena, my lips are droopy at corners & they appear short laterally. Can lip plumping surgery can correct droopy corners as well as... READ MORE

What can be done to increase vertical teeth height permanently? I look dumb when I close my bite. (Photo)

I m 25, i had braces removed a year ago.After which becoz of overbite dentist gave me splints to correct my bite.it has corrected my bite to some level.but wen i wear splint it... READ MORE