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Pop Belly Be Gone??

...well, I'm hoping. I'm a 46 yo mother of two. Ive always been thin and have a bit of a pot belly. No exercise or weight loss would give me a flat Timmy no matter what. Having put on 5 pounds in the past year, and being the heaviest weight of my entire life it was time to do something. I exercise 6 days a week and still have this gut. I thought Id give this new device a try since... READ MORE

44 Year Old Female--Middle Age Muffin Top-- Be Gone...Princeton, NJ

Okay I am an avid exerciser and a healthy eater. I have been able to pretty much maintain my weight throughout my whole life. However, last July I noticed my normal size zero morphing into a size 4 (but only in the midsection) and this year I think it may have jumped to a size 6--which is lovely when it's proportional. i was squeezing this new extra skin, fat (AKA my new muffin top) into... READ MORE

Fractional 1540-Worth the Wait - New Hope, PA

Okay so the fine lines and crepiness I was developing around my eyes was getting progressively worse despite all my efforts. I had been cotemplating a micropen treatment and my aesthetician recommended a Fractional 1540 treatment instead. She said I would like the results much better. I scheduled my appointment for the 1540 in the evening of November 22. The doctor gave the laser... READ MORE

So Far So Good - New Hope, PA

OK so here I am at the ripe old age of 42. I take pretty good care of my skin. Avoid sun, wear sunscreen, and get vitalize peels 3 x a year. I've used retin-a since mty mid 20-s and still do to help keep acne under control. However, after going through a divorce and going back to work full time for first itme in 10 years, despite my best efforts, I was aging and an accelerated rate. Early... READ MORE

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I had ultherapy three times in my lower face and I too notice my face is shrinking and my lovely fat is all but gone. Everyday get worse and i feel like I have a shrunken head. My face gets thinner and thinner. I've had people make... READ COMMENT

Your face is just more defined, but you look good. As we age our bones do shrink. If you tighten the skin on smaller bones your face will be a bit smaller framed than what you're used to seeing in the mirror. Not bad just a bit... READ COMMENT

Hi mammadrama, I had coolsculpting on my flanks. best thing ever. Im almost a year out gained some wieght but it is not in my flank area any more.. READ COMMENT

Hello, I was thinking of doing my abdomen since I too have a pot belly. Always have. I went to three different cosults. tow said I needed 4 small applicatiors at 2700 and another (who did my flanks) said I only needed 2. So... READ COMMENT