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Thought Why Not - Bogota, Colombia

Since I was having some other procedures done, decided why not have this done as it was affordable I am getting the PRP for face as well as hair loss - will try and post pics after the procedure on Saturday Doctor was pretty clear on what is possible with this procedure and what isn't (don't expect it to work like a filler, etc) - more of a treatment to hydrate the skin and give it nutrition.... READ MORE

Eye Bags Suddenly Crept Up on Me!

Until just 12 months ago I did not have any eye bags at all (I am mid-30). I Was quite proud of that then suddenly WHAM! Since I Was having a tummy tuck anyway, decided to have this done also. Hence, also why it is so cheap compared to having it done just on its own Don't have any pics but will try and get it before the surgery day after tomorrow So I decided to give it sometime before I... READ MORE

New Year, New Me ... correcting mistakes of childhood past - Bogota, Colombia

I am 35 male, 6'3" and have been considering tummy tuck / lift for almost a decade. There are a lot of people here with experience so would love to hear some feedback. I am one of the few males on here so hoping that other males also join the party. I was 220lbs as a 15yr old and average height for that age. One summer school holiday, over 6 weeks, I lost over 60lbs [of baby fat] with diet... READ MORE

Another Waste of Money Treatment - London, GB

I just don't understand how these treatments get FDA approval. Think I Need to read the contents of the approval exactly. I had 4 treatments to my flanks and lower abs and the treatment made absolutely no difference except lighten my wallet. Save your money. As has already been mentioned, suction cups are placed onto the area being treated and subsequently the area is cooled to some insanely... READ MORE

Questions from kuteguy

Is Extended Tummy Tuck the Best Way to Go? (photo)

I lost a lot of weight (from morbidly obese 2 anorexic in 6 weeks) 20 years ago. I have tried two lipos and didn't help much but to make my stomach look horrible, skewed, and... READ MORE

Muscle Repair During Tummy Tuck and Strenuous Exercise?

I am considering a tummy Tuck or lbl,with muscle repair. Because while I am sucking in my stomach it looks bearable but if I let it out it looks like I am pregnant... With... READ MORE

Chemical peels and Co2?

I am looking to get CO2 laser AND chemical peel. I have some acnes scars on my cheek and general redness (for the last 15 yrs, I am mid-30s male). The purpose of the treatment... READ MORE

Maximum lipo allowed?

What is the maximum lipo volume allowed in new Jersey and Beverley hills with/without tummy Tuck? 5 litres for lipo only and 1litre if combined with tummy Tuck? READ MORE

Conflicting information about Vaser HiDef - is it just an illusion? or is it actually better than just Vaser lipo? (Photo)

Hypothetically, gram for gram for the same patient for the same area (say entire stomach/abs), will more fat be removed with Vaser Lipo or Vaser HD? In HD, I understand that... READ MORE

Vaser hi def vs Vaser non hi def. Which would remove the most fat?

I am purposefully posting in the liposuction section and not Vaser section to get a more unbiased opinion. Hypothetically speaking, if a patient is cloned with say 18%body fat... READ MORE

Discussions started by kuteguy

view on single guy getting TT

Most people on here seem like they are married or in reln I am a single guy (36, pics in one of my other posts) and worry what the reaction of women will be when they seeI have... READ MORE

Vaser HD - I dont get it

I just dont get the point of Vaser HD - it is just a magic trick, and optical illusion! I would prefer to have as much fat removed as possible vs using Vaser HD to leave some... READ MORE

Recent comments from kuteguy

I am not super happy ... the scar could have been lower and better. It is perfectly low in the middle but does get higher on the sides. The 10 massages were included in the price. Any additional cost 40,000 COP - I needed 5 additional... READ COMMENT

Well if push comes to shove, I would say I am not happy with the tummy tuck and the scar. I will try and post a pic of how it looks now and other can comment on whether I am being to critical or not. I think for Lipo, Dr Juris is a... READ COMMENT

I will reply in a couple of days - I hadn't seen your comments till now READ COMMENT

I think it was successful. It's worth a try.. Although you need to have multiple treatments over time. I have found a doctor here in Australia that charges $350/session .. Recommending one a month for three months, i plan to go for it READ COMMENT