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52 Yrs Old, Did Both Upper Arms - Destin, FL

After losing over 100 lbs, I still had a lot of fat in my upper arms, and I wanted to reduce the lumpy appearance as well, This is not painless. I cannot imagine doing this on my belly or upper back, in those more sensitive areas. The swelling is extreme and I had bruises all over my arms, then about 3-5 days after when it "thaws" the nerve pain is nearly unbearable. "the pinching" they... READ MORE

Banded in 2008, F You Have to Move Alot, Not the Best Procedure - Montana, MT

In 2008 I had reached 280 lbs, and decided I had to do something before i reached 300 lbs. I have 3 metabolic disorders, and no matter how hard I worked out and changed my diet, I couldn't lose more than 10-15 lbs...then would gain back an extra 5 at the slightest deviation. At about 3 yrs into it, the trouble began...I would get an adjustment, and there was never a happy medium, I was in pain... READ MORE