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You've done an amazing job! Now for a little more and then Bam!!! Sexiness!! Lol things are on hold for me, hubby lost his job and I'm looking for work. Hoping we find something soon otherwise the hubs wants to go to the oilfield. Good... READ COMMENT

Omg! Yay you have a date set! So happy for ya. Sexy new body here you come!! READ COMMENT

That's a great quote! Now I just need to brace myself for the pictures I need to take... not pretty lol. I went from 240 to 169 so I have plenty of loose skin that just needs to come off already. READ COMMENT

You'll lose those 60 in no time! READ COMMENT

Hi Zaria! Is that quote for arm lift only? How do I go about getting a quote? Does she charge? Thanks and sorry for all the questions. Can't wait to have my arms and thighs done. READ COMMENT