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Oops... meant to say "go for it and don't look back" :-) I'm glad to hear you feeling better! READ COMMENT

Congrats and best wishes for a speedy recovery from Canada!!! Don't feel down just remember... you can always have them back but I think you will love it, just give it some time. Keep us posted. READ COMMENT

Go for it and don't look bad! Everything will be fine... so many of us went through it. I had mine removed on Dec 4th and yes, they don't look as great but they feel amazing. I feel free and I love being small again. Good luck and on... READ COMMENT

Hi 2Newboobs! i had no rapture either and mine were soft, natural looking as well. no one ever asked me if i had some work done. i liked how they looked but always hated how they felt. my breasts were sensitive, i didn't want them be... READ COMMENT

Cindylu2th you were right, recovery is much better. there is some discomfort but i haven't taken any painkillers yet. i'm so glad they are gone! i can't believe i did it to my body and waited that long to remove them. i love not having... READ COMMENT