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How long do botox side effects last?

I have had horrible side effects from botox like so many others on here. Anxiety, depression, head ache, insomnia and now awful neck pain. I had the injections two weeks ago.... READ MORE

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Hi frenchgirl. Yeah we get sucked in. I still have a bit of a headache but I am feeling better. I hope the worst symptoms don't come back. Two months wow that's a long time. I know I have permanent nerve damage from other procedures.... READ COMMENT

Thanks Megan. I'm feeling a bit better. It's almost three weeks now. Thank heavens. I felt so dreadful. However from some comments on here, symptoms sometimes come in waves. I hope that doesn't happen with me and it has gone. Man I felt... READ COMMENT

Are you on the pill? Go off it and the migraines will dissappear. Migraines arn't normal and are caused BY something - usually the amount of chemicals that are being continually pumped into us. I had some problems and it took me ages to... READ COMMENT

I had botox injections in my forehead two weeks ago. I have had a constant mild headache (never get headaches), hollow eyes, black shadows under my eyes like a concentration camp victim (never have this sort of thing) and my neck is so... READ COMMENT

Midland1455: OMG!!!!! I sincerely hope you you sued this moron. That is either utter incompetence or sadism. HOW is it possible to accidentally inject botox into your mouth. It's amazing you didn't die!!!!! READ COMMENT