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480cc's Ultra High Profile - Happy Momma!!

5'10" - 128lbs - 30 years old - breastfed 2 kids I can't wait to get my twins done. I have always had nice boobs but after breastfeeding 2 kids they got so small so now that were done having kids its time to get them filled up. Right now I am a 34A on the right and 34B on the left; I would love to be a 34D-34DD. I have my appointment on Sept. 16th to see what size my Plastic Surgeon thinks... READ MORE

I am a 29 year old with two kid - 8 months post op - Great Falls, MT

I am a 29 year old with two kids who are 3.5 year old and 18 month old. I am 5'10 and 149 pounds. I was in a car accident in 1996 and I have a 7 inch vertical scar down my stomach and the thickest width part is 2 inches. I have NEVER liked my scar and after I had my kids my scar had stretched out and I hate it even more... That is why I want the surgery. My PS is going to try to remove the... READ MORE

Questions from ProudAirForceWife

My Incision is Opening at 19 Days Post Operation with White Pus and Now White Cream Cheese Look Inside the Wound? (photo)

It started at PO day 17 with a little white stringy pus coming out and now two days later it is a white cream cheese looking substance in the incision under the scab. I called... READ MORE

How Many Cc's Would You Recommend to Achieve my Goal? (photo)

I have posted my now photos, my nursing photos and what I would like to be photos. I want to do under the muscle and silicone gel implants. I would like a 34D - 34DD result. I... READ MORE

What is the best method to fix bottoming out in breasts? (Photo)

I am 6 months post op and have a consult with my surgeon to get my breasts fixed after slight bottoming out. I probably wouldn't even fix it but my nipples poke out the top of... READ MORE

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I went under the muscle. Thank you!!! READ COMMENT

It took about two weeks. Make sure you keep the support bra on as much as possible. Our implants are SO heavy and until we hit our 3-6 month mark they need support. I wasn't very strick on mine and now I may be bottoming out a little.... READ COMMENT

After 5-6 weeks I felt like they were my natural breasts. I use to be this big so it normal to me. :) you'll definitely be feeling fine by then. READ COMMENT

Your breast will soften... It has been 1 month since my surgery and mine feel very natural and soft... Make sure to really massage them!! READ COMMENT

You look great!!!! Massage that breast twice a day that has the straight part at the top!! Massage is key to healing faster. I started massaging my breast after day 4 post op and it helped soften them!! (Take a look at my pics) You look... READ COMMENT