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I really would be willing to go to Utah to have a good experience... I'm actually still in the savings process so it will be a while still for me. But doing my research. READ COMMENT

I have large areolas, it looked as of you did too. Is it an option to keep the size of them?? And I will be curious to know if you sensation once they are fully healed. I worry about those things, did you? READ COMMENT

Your lift looks great. I have wondered if a lift without implants was possible, so glad you shared your experience. I have wanted a lift ever since I quit breastfeeding my youngest 8 years ago. After 5 babies I would like them back... READ COMMENT

Question, Did you have implants also or just the lift? I have wanted a lift for 8 years nice I quit breast feeding my youngest and last child... Just nervous as to all that's involved. I really don't want implants. I think you look... READ COMMENT