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How are you getting on? Do you still have the swelling? Im still numb/sore above and below tummy button READ COMMENT

Hello hun yes i can see what you mean, i did mean to say also that for years because of my muscle separation i had no abs to tense, i started practising tensing the different areas which felt weird because there is a lack of feeling but... READ COMMENT

Hey! I have EXACTLY the same a you above my belly button, i too went back and saw him an he said it was scar tissue.....its still there, still painful and swells loads after food etc i have to really work hard to suck it in! Your scar... READ COMMENT

I found that once i took my binder off for a week or so the muscles began to relax and swelling subsided but the itonboard tummy also subsided due to muscles relaxing! I have it in the morning but by the evening im slightly more rounded ;-) READ COMMENT

Im a bit slow on this ive only just realised youve done loads more updates!! You look well!!! Dont worry bout yr lady garden or 'Ken Doll' lolllll it will go down!! Xxxx READ COMMENT