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Rhinoplasty and Eye Shape Change and Distended?

Hi I had a rhinoplasty in august 2011 which i was not happy with, i had 3 revision by the same surgeon and the 3rd was in aug 2012, after the surgery, i noticed the shape of my... READ MORE

Will Retin a Lead to Hair Loss?

HI may i know if retin a will lead to hair loss on head? READ MORE

Retin A and Looking Younger?

Hi i have been on retin a for a month and two weeks but i have not noticed any changes. May i know how long to take for me to see anti aging benefits and flawless skin? i am... READ MORE

How Long to Use Retin A to See an Effect?

How long do i have to use retin a to see an effect on skin? READ MORE

How Long Does Minoxidil 5 Take to Work? (photo)

Hi may i know how long does minoxidil take to work to fully regrow all my hair? READ MORE

Will Retin a Lead to a Loss of Volume in Lips?

Because i noticed my lips lost volume and seem less full after using retin a but the area around my mouth is peeling i wondered if moisture was absorbed from my lips? but my... READ MORE

Retin A for Age Prevention?

Hi i am 24, if i use retin a at this age, will i look younger than my age in future? provided i am consistent on retin a. READ MORE

Retin a for Two Months and No Effect?

Hi i have been on retin a for two months. but have not seen improvement on my skin. but not seen any terrible side effects people experience. does this show retin a will not... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Facial Damage?

Hi i had a rhinoplasty 5 months back and my face feels sore when i touch it. i cannot smile properly. Has my facial nerves or muscles been damaged? what can i do? READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with paranasal augmentation?

I am a 25 yo girl who had a revision rhino and paranasal augmentation 13 days back. this was the 5th rhino. but now i feel the upper cheek feels tight and lower eye seems... READ MORE

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I guess diff people diff reaction. like there are pains in my face and my eyes look droopy. my cheeks look kinda distended. i suspected a nerve problem but the neurologist says unlikely. but i will know till i get the results for my MRI... READ COMMENT

Mine was ruined by Dr Colin Tham from asiahealth paartners READ COMMENT

Same here. he refuses to admit he made a mistake. i have difficulties breathing and pains in my face. that bastard had the audacity to say it is in my mind and dismiss all my physical discomfort. He never mentioned all of these during... READ COMMENT

What can be done? i have pains in my cheeks and nose which my surgeon would not be responsible READ COMMENT

What can be done about this? READ COMMENT