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That sounds awesome I will do that READ COMMENT

I feel so bad that this has happened to you I wish there's something that would make the swollen folds go away for you. I have had it for 2 weeks now they look really good it just feels hard and as you said spongy please let me know how... READ COMMENT

By the way they went away for a weekthe lumps and its feels like I still when you went to the doctor did she just tell you yo massge them cause I massage them everyday READ COMMENT

I am still puffy yes if you have any pointers it would help me out . it does have that feel of sponginess there are still lumps on my face its weird cause I have massaged them whatelse is there to do they don't look bad it just feels... READ COMMENT

My lumps all went away massaged them a lot now I have to deal with the puffyness how long does that last I have had no side effects from this any concerns ask me I can try to help out READ COMMENT