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HELLO! Been a while since I logged on, sorry for the late reply hun. Um those types of massages aren't the same as what I meant. Weekly "regular" body massages isn't going to do anything for cellulite. Here's links to the two machines I... READ COMMENT

Thats a damn shame how they did you. You need to have your attorney give him a call. He needs to refunds you at least 3k of your money. Make sure you post this review all over the net too. Doctors like this should be allowed to perform... READ COMMENT

Nodules (or lumps) are common when having gone to an inexperienced technician, they can be gotten rid of via several types of simple procedures. Those nodules are also NOT life threatening. Either way you should've gone to a reputable... READ COMMENT

GIRL!!! Yeah that treatment isn't for places you WANT to keep your fat. There's a post on R.S. from a woman that says she's devastated because she lost all of her booty fat due to "smooth shapes" treatments. Said her husband didnt like... READ COMMENT

@perfectbodpersuit Oh ok I just viewed your pics yeah he did a good job you can clearly see a significant different. AHH HAA! Ok I see, he didnt take as much fat as he could have to prevent unevenness. Yeah like I said before, "the more... READ COMMENT