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For what it's worth , I think your eyes look better overall after the injections so it did help. Appreciate you sharing your experience and documenting so well. Very helpful ! I refrain from and kind of blood thinners 1-2 weeks before... READ COMMENT

Radio Carol, I have the same situation as you...my pooch got bigger and sticks out worse than before. Its been 5 weeks since treatment. I would think any swelling should be gone by now. My follow up appt is in 3 weeks so I am going to... READ COMMENT

Radio Carol - like you, I am thin but have a small pooch. I did my treatment April 18. Its been 5 weeks and I feel like my pooch has gotten bigger. Its one thing to not have any result but to look worse ! Has yours gotten any... READ COMMENT

AK , did the bloating ever go away and at what point? I'm 5 weeks and my gut sticks out worse than before treatment. I only had upper abs treated and my entire belly is swollen . READ COMMENT

I am 5 weeks post coolsculpting of my upper abs. Like most here, I'm fairly slim but had a bit of a pooch. I'm concerned because my lower abs seem bigger and stick out more than before treatment. This area was NOT treated so im baffled... READ COMMENT