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Everything is so much better at 6 weeks!

It's 13 days before my surgery and as the date draws nearer, I'm becoming more obsessed with reading up on breast augmentation surgeries and experiences. Just like I do before a trip or any other new experience, I try to soak up as much information as I can so I can mentally prepare myself for all possible experiences and any possible outcome. Finding this site feels like a goldmine! I'm like... READ MORE

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Your videos are great, Maggie. Thanks for taking the time to add a whole new dynamic to this site. I'm sure your personal approach to your BA experience has helped many who have come here looking for insight and inspiration! Your... READ COMMENT

I have the arm slings in my home gym and they were my FAVOURITE way of doing ab exercises so I, too, was disappointed to learn that they are out now. Felt the pull on my chest muscles immediately. Not sure if I'll ever be able to do... READ COMMENT

Around the same time as you, I had similar symptoms. It felt like a pinched nerve or a pulled muscle somewhere in the depths of my left chest and shoulder blade. It would come and go and get worse if I moved in a certain way. Pulling on... READ COMMENT

I just read your blog Jamiery5, and thought I'd comment because of some similar thoughts that ran through my head yesterday as I was walking to my car from my office. I see you got the procedure done (although I'm not sure when you got... READ COMMENT

Yeah, it would seem that I didn't practice what I am now preaching. My boyfriend was so awesome at taking care of me and my needs but the house got messy as a result of his focus on me. And because I can't stand clutter, I jumped in to... READ COMMENT