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Botox Causes Eye Bags - Australia

I had Botox in the lower eye area and it caused me to have bags and now I have to wait at least 4-5 months for this poison to dissolve out of my system !. Please never have this stuff injected into the under eye area, I look like I am older and have drooping eye bags. I spent alot of money and got this in return !. You must voice your opinions to your doctor and DEMAND not to be billed for... READ MORE

Juvederm for Tear Troughs NEVER EVER DO IT! - Melbourne, Australia

NEVER, ever have any filler to your under eye area, this area is very delicate and very unforgiving, you will end up with big bags under your eyes which will make you look decades older !. I had it done in Windsor by a plastic surgeon, he injected too superficially, it should have been injected DEEPLY, right down to the bone, the result: dark circles and prominent bags. IT does not go away,... READ MORE

Questions from bronzie

Can I Have my Eyebrow Rasied by Botox? (photo)

I am a caucasian male, age 47 with fair skin. I would like to have the eyebrow raised by Botox, (see photo) is this possible, ?, where would the injection be, would it give me... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Raise Droopy Eyelid with Botox? (Photo)

Look at my picture, can you see my eyelid is drooping...I would like this raised,can this be done with a injection of Botox ?. I don't want to have a eyelid lift. Where... READ MORE

Male Wanting A Botox Browlift- 4 Days and No Results (photo)

I have had 5 units of Botox to lift my brow, so that my eyelids will look lifted, do men have resistant brows?. It is day 4 and I cannot see any difference. When, will at all,... READ MORE

Can a Jaw Implant Be Done Under a Local Anaesthetic ?

I would consider a jaw implant, but can it be done under a local anesthetic. What type of implant would widen my jaw?, What are the risks and do they need replacing after a... READ MORE

Botox Gave Me Eye Bags, What Went Wrong?

I had Botox injected into the eyebrow area to elevate the brow, however this did absolutely nothing and now it seems to have the totally unacceptable side effect of relaxing my... READ MORE

Injectibles Causing Collagen Formation: Yes or No ?

I am having injectibles to my chin, Perlane I ml, is is really true that after repeated injections, scar tissue (so called collagen formation), fills out the area, if so, how... READ MORE

Removal of Scrotal Skin Cherry Angiomas (Angiokeratoma)?

I am a 48 year old white male that has numerous hemangiomas on the testes. Which treatment is best for these?. Which specific laser would treat them and not leave... READ MORE

Are Injectibles, Such As Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane Contraindicated for Patients with Vitiligo?

I am a 48 year old Caucasian, and occasionally have such injectibles, will they cause other auto immune diseases, such as Lupus ?. Please could I have an genuine answer from... READ MORE

Can Ears Be Made Smaller and Ear Lobes Sewn to Skin?

Hi, I don't have ears that stick out and thus a traditional ototoplasy is not indicated. But I do have large ears. Can they be made smaller and the lobes attached to my face,... READ MORE

Xrays for Chin Implant?

Hi, I am considering a chin implant, what Xrays should I ask my physician for before considering this procedure, to determine the bones in my jaw. Would an OPG (panoramic... READ MORE

Circumcision Loose Skin 9 Weeks Post Op?

I asked a plastic surgeon to remove loose skin and give me a high and tighter circumcision. 5 years ago a urologist did nothing to make me look more circumcised. It has been 9... READ MORE

Does Botox to the Chin Area to Get Rid of Pebbles Eventually Atrophy the Mentalis Muscle?

If one gets Botox into the chin area to smooth out a pebbly chin, does the mentalis muscle eventually atrophy ?. Over what period of time would this occur ?. What is the... READ MORE

Scar Revision and Vitamin Supplements?

I am having a scar revision in a vascular area of the body. I am a Caucasian male with very fair skin. Should I stop taking vitamins; fish oil, multi vitamin, vitamin d3,... READ MORE

Can I Make my Eyebrows Flat, Instead of Arched Through Botox Injections?

I am a Caucasian pale skinned white male (age 49). I have bushy arched eyebrows (like Ashton Kutcher). The masculine look is horizontal brows. Can Botox do this, or do I run... READ MORE

Can Sculptura Cause Autoimmune Diseases?

I am a 49 year old caucasian male, healthy, apart from the skin disease Vitiligo. Can Sculptura cause auto immune diseases or a worsening of Vitiligo ?. I want to have some in... READ MORE

Bruising and Swelling Prevention and Fillers?

Hi Docs, should I stop taking Vitamin D 1000 mg before I have injectables into my face (Perlane, Restylane). I know not to take Vitamin E and Fish oil, how long before ?, 1 or... READ MORE

If I get a tattoo on the upper bicep area, or any where, could the Vitiligo make the tattoo fade?

Hi Docs, tattoos, for better for worse, are very popular. I am a very pale skinned caucasian male with widespread Vitiligo, though, through vigilant sun avoidance, the patches... READ MORE

Hematoma Healing

I recently had a procedure done, 2 weeks ago, to revise a scar in the groin area. I have developed a teaspoon size hematoma. What can I do to make it go down faster ?, Would an... READ MORE

Scar revision in coronal sulcus area?

After an adult circumcision, I have been left with an unsightly scar between the corona and the shat, in the sulcus area, about 1 inch long. Presently, II would dearly like... READ MORE

Recent comments from bronzie

Using Hylaruonidase is a much cheaper and effective option, all lasers burn the skin to some degree, and then you would have the healing period form the laser to contend with. As well as the expense !. So, you have paid for the filler... READ COMMENT

Hi Sallify, yes it did, I went to another Plastic surgeon, the first one DENIED that I had anything wrong, and actually said, that I was getting bags under my eyes due to my age...yeah right...I was 46 !!. The honest plastic surgeon... READ COMMENT

I had the same problem in Australia, BEWARE EVERYONE, under the eyes is very unforgiving, NEVER have Juvederm there. The tear troughs will end up with what is called the tyndall effect- a bluish discoloration and also visible bags... READ COMMENT

There is a website, where you can name and shame a "doctor", whom is probably only a GP, a local doctor, who is so monley hungry he advertises himself as a 'cosmetic surgeon", well there is NO legal qualification, ANYONE can call them... READ COMMENT

The fact is that facial exercises are a total scam. The more you stretch your face, the more dynamic lines you will end up with. That is what Dysport and Botox treats; dynamic lines. Add to this the fact that we loose subcutaneous fat... READ COMMENT