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Damon Braces in NYC/Brooklyn. Correcting my Overbite, Overjet, and Crooked Teeth. - New York, NY

My front teeth came out last as a child so when the adult teeth came in there was no room and they overlapped. I have always hated my teeth and smiling, but now I am an adult and can afford braces. I just got them put on last week and decided to go the Damon route because I did not want a mouth full of big brackets and rubber bands. My ortho wants to extract 2 healthy upper bicuspids, and I am... READ MORE

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NYC - Is There Any Affordable Way to Fix This? (photo)

I have spent my whole life miserable and hating my teeth and smile. It has affected everything in my life and I no longer want it to! I am starting to save money to fix my... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Veneers on Only the 2 Front Teeth? (photo)

After consulting with dentists it was pointed out to me each time that doing orthodontics on an adult might offer less than desired results. I am now looking into veneers, the... READ MORE

What Should I Look for in an Invisalign Provider?

I am currently in the process of saving up for Invisalign. In the mean time I am researching a list of providers in my area to decide who I want to consult with before settling... READ MORE

When to extract teeth when getting Braces? Extractions add over a year to the treatment time yet not required? Confused. (photo)

I was diagnosed as a Class 2 Div 2 Malocclusion with .8mm Overbite and .4mm Overjet. I definitely want to go the Damon braces route. My concern is that I was quoted as two ways... READ MORE

What procedures would be recommended to fix my breasts? Lift and implants or one or the other? (Photo)

I want to get them done inconjuction with a tummy tuck and some Lipo to save money. Not sure what procedures I should be looking for, would only implants be enough to have nice... READ MORE

What is safe number of surgeries you can get at one time?

I am interested in getting a breast lift, tummy tuck, BBL, and lipo to arms and inner thighs and bra fat roll. I am curious if this many surgeries at once is safe? A few... READ MORE

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You wont let me follow you on IG lol but please update us! I am dying to know how it went and how you love your results! I have Molina at the top of my list just because I love his vibe. READ COMMENT

Haha 5000 is so cheap though! Compared to 20000 NYC doctors want!!!!! Thats two months rent for me so I can live with that price! I am so hype now, I really appreciate you sharing your story. READ COMMENT

THANK YOU for your review! As a fellow NYer I was also looking at DR for surgery and was recommended Dr. Baez by someone else, and now your review has sold me. I want to lose another 50lbs first so how long did it take you to get a... READ COMMENT

I would personally not go to DR. One because you do not know the doctors very well, and the standards of medical care is not the same as here. You will also be too far away to get in touch with them if you have complications later, and... READ COMMENT

The weight doesn't determine the cost, but it will determine if a GOOD doctor will operate on you or not! Also losing weight will let you see your body more and determine what really needs help and what was just extra fat, it will also... READ COMMENT