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When did u start sleeping on ur back w boppy? I'm a back sleeper as well and sleeping face down gives me HORRIBLE lower back pain. I have used pillows under my belly, body pillow, kneeling to sleep (which then hurts my knees). I am out... READ COMMENT

Hi guerabooty. Since u have been thru this any suggestions on sleeping other than on ur stomach? Also about how long til u felt like u could actually move somewhat normally? READ COMMENT

Is there any other option besides sleeping on ur stomach for so long??? And how many days post op until u started feeling better? READ COMMENT

Everyone says that your arms are really needed for recovery....were the arms that painful and were you still able to use them throughout recovery? READ COMMENT

Ass so fat u can c it from the front!!! It's looks awesome! How was the lipo on ur arms? Can u tell a big difference? READ COMMENT