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Tear Trough Fillers: Best Investment Once Again - New York

Quick background: - 26 year old caucasian woman with lifelong dark circles/ deep and low tear troughs that got "worse" as my face matured in my late teens - 1st time getting tear troughs filled: I was 22 y/o and got Juvederm Ultra with a cannula from Dr. Shafer in NYC, ecstatic with results. -2nd time getting tear troughs filled I was 25 y/o and got Restalyne injected with regular needle by Dr... READ MORE

Restalyne for Deep and Low Tear Troughs on 25 Year Old-- Not at ALL Pleased with Results. - New Jersey, NJ

When it comes to your face and fixing that which you are VERY attentive of: DON'T BARGAIN SHOP. In 2013 I paid $1000 to go to a top NYC plastic surgeon (Dr. Shafer) for my first tear trough fillers, and if you read my review on it, you'll see how amazing it was from the first moment I entered his office. I decided that this summer after saving some money for the procedure again (I have such... READ MORE

Tortured by Tear Troughs No More! - New York, NY

Preface: I am a 22 years old female, non smoker, don't drink or do drugs, am healthy and in great shape. *BACKSTORY* My whole life I've had somewhat dark circles, but they never were a problem since they are easily covered with concealer. But as I entered my mid-teens I was losing baby fat and then some (admittedly in an unhealthy way- I had anorexia nervosa which contributed to immense... READ MORE

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Existential Questions About Boob Jobs

As an artist with breast insecurities who works behind the scenes with no real importance placed on how I look, would you agree that for me to get a breast job would be a... READ MORE

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Hey! I can try to find a before/ after pic and will post. About to write up a quick update, but you may be able to identify with some of the things I've been doing since my fillers: - Don't feel like I have to wear sunglasses in... READ COMMENT

I had the same problem when I was injected with Restalyne in the tear troughs. Pulling for you to have awesome results, you aren't as bruised or swilled as I was, and in my case I was never happy with the results and much prefer... READ COMMENT

Will definitely keep you updated! If you don't mind me asking, what was negative about your experience with Juvederm/ Restalyne? Did you get it in your tear troughs? What kind of doctor did it? Sorry to hear it was no good :( READ COMMENT

Thank you so much, what a kind message! I'm hoping to go to this doctor again by the summer when I have enough saved. I think it's so important to not let my impulses and insecurities get the better of me and cause me to spend this... READ COMMENT