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Breast Augmentation After Breast Feeding - Seattle, WA

I'm so thankful I had this procedure with a lift after breasted feeding 3 kids I had si much deflation and sagging. I can now be proud of my breasted my nipples are where there suppose to be and my acemetrey is totally corrected! I got saline implants they moderate profile I wish I would've done silicone because the implants I've felt on other women that are sikicone are softer. READ MORE

Fraxel Laser for Chicken Pox Scar - Colorado Springs, CO

I spent alot of $ on fraxel laser all over my face it was suppose to improve my chicken pox scar by 80% the doc said and even out pigment all over my face, however I'd be lucky to even say it's improved 50% of my scar and pigment variations on my face. Definately not worth the money. I really felt lied too and was not given the right expectations for the results I got. A lot of pain for little... READ MORE

Questions from cjm2005

Pregnancy After Implants, Volume Loss and Implants are Firm? What Size/Type Should I Replace With?

I have implants but after my implants I got pregnant. Now I have lost all fullness on top and my implants are firm feeling also the look wide set. I'd. Like to go from my... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck With Minimal Scarring and Belly Button Repair?

I have loose lower abdominal skin and sagging belly button and extra skin on belly button. I want to have no visible scar if I wear a bikini and I'd like my belly button... READ MORE

What Should I Do to Add Volume to my Upper Breast?

I currently have implants they've dropped and now I have ski slop breasted also they seem set far apart and too firm. My current implants are saline and the we're placed 3... READ MORE

I'm Wanting to Get New Implants What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I had saline implants placed 3 years ago and a lift since then I've had a pregnancy and the fullness on top is no longer there. It seems as though I have ski slop breastwork.... READ MORE

Which would you recommend a Mini or Full Tummy Tuck? (photos)

I have had a consultation for full tummy tuck and the doc said I would have a vertical scar that would be in addition to the horizontal scar because my skin wouldn't stretch... READ MORE

How Would You Plan my Augmentation? (photo)

I have saline implants placed 3 years since then I've had a pregnancy and nursed afterword. My implants have bottomed out and I also do not like the firm unnatural feel of the... READ MORE

My name's Candice, 32-year-old mother. I had a BA and breast lift in 2010 now my nipples are 4 inches from my collarbone (Photo)

Nipples have always been high but in the last couple years my implants have dropped and now my nipples are popping out of every tank top bra shirt and less than 4 inches away... READ MORE

Under eye bags and not liking nasolabial folds. Recommended treatments? (Photo)

I recently went to have my tear troughs treated with filler but the plastic surgeons office does not do that procedure because the skin around the eye is so thin and she also... READ MORE

Is there a permanent or semi permanent filler out there for under eyes? (photo)

I would love to find a permanent filler I have used perlane before. I'd like to find a filler that last more than a year. any guidance is appreciated. READ MORE

What type of rhinoplasty is recommended for best aesthetic result? (photos)

The tip of my nose is to bulbous as I've gotten older it seems to become noticeable. I would like a more feminine tip and smaller nostrils. I'm not sure if anything else is needed? READ MORE

Recent comments from cjm2005

I 100% agree and have experienced the same thing! I'm of a lighter skin tone but same deal here! READ COMMENT

Thank you for your review! Ya look great. READ COMMENT

You look amazing!!!! Thank you for such a detailed account. And weekly pics are great!!! READ COMMENT