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TT W/MR, BL/BR in 2013; BA & Thigh Lift in 2014...and in 2015-posterior Lower Body Lift - Santa Monica, CA

After getting a LapBand in 11/2011, losing 100 pounds, a TT w/MR & BR/BL in 12/2013 and thigh lift and BA in 03/2014, I thought I was DONE with my transformation. (You can go to my profile to read about the other steps of my journey) Well, after 3 years of hard work in the gym, my butt just won't go away! I have a roll on my upper butt/lower back similar to what I had on my tummy prior to my... READ MORE

23 Days Post-Op Medial Thigh Lift and Healing Well - Santa Monica, CA

I had a medial thigh lift on March 14, 2014, as well as implants on that day. I lost 100 pounds with the help of a LapBand and MANY hours in the gym. It is amazing to me how weight gain wreaks permanent havoc on your body. I have a review on the Mommy Makeover page, but decided to write a review on here, because prior to surgery I was trying to do research & there wasn't much on here. I want... READ MORE

My Lap Band Changed my Life - Tarzana, CA

I gained weight with my two pregnancies and continued to gain as life became stressful and I used food to comfort me. I work from home so I have the ability to snack all day and night…..and I did, eating all day! Living with my family who have metabolisms like humming birds and can eat anything they want and as much as they want, was not good for any failing diet I had previously tried. I... READ MORE

TT w/MR, BR/BL, BA, thigh lift....and NOW posterior lower body lift

I started this journey a little over a year ago when I decided to get the lapband after many years of failed dieting and exercising, consistently losing minimal to no weight. I have lost 65 pounds, however, have only gone down barely 2 pant sizes because of all the loose skin and roll I can't get rid of in my lower abdomen. I hadn't even thought about plastic surgery before someone on a... READ MORE

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Implants after reduction

I had a breast reduction a year ago and although I am THRILLED and thankful to not have shoulder pains or headaches anymore, my boobs are all lower boobs.  I went from a G... READ MORE

After care list

I'm getting a medial thigh lift in 2 weeks....can anyone tell me what I am going to need??? Before (& after) my tummy tuck I was on Real Self & got a lot of ideas from others... READ MORE

Who had implants in March 2014??

How are you healing? What are you feeling? Are you happy with your results? I had surgery 3/14. I am ecstatic with my results! I'm not having any pain, only discomfort,... READ MORE

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Does your scar for your brachioplasty go down to your elbow? Your before arms look like mine & I want to fix them but don't want the big scar. READ COMMENT

My back was sore too until I could stab straight...about a week out. Take it easy & rest, sleep, eat healthy, high protein, rest & sleep, try to keep sodium low, drink lots of water & rest & sleep more. It was s couple months before I... READ COMMENT

My ps is in Santa Monica...heck of a long drive (as I sit in LA traffic right now going to a postop visit) but well worth every minute spent in traffic. I would rather drive then have some of the botched results I have seen on here. If... READ COMMENT

I have had no issues with my band post-TT/MR. Because I was doing a lot of ab workouts, my original port was painful, felt like I was constantly bruising the abs behind my port. Dr. Zarrabi did change my port to a low profile port with... READ COMMENT

You look like you're standing up pretty good! How are you feeling? TT & BR was my first procedure too a little over 2 yrs ago. READ COMMENT