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Did you get the hole filled? READ COMMENT

Fear of judgement can be a strong thing...but something I have learned is that worrying about what others will think it useless, as we ultimately don't know what others are really thinking (maybe some of them really thinks its ok, or... READ COMMENT

I had my chin implant done over 10 years ago and don't remember being given an option on size or shape. I went in to discuss a rhinoplasty and the PS suggested a chin implant to balance my face. I felt it was a good idea, so I did it,... READ COMMENT

Emmychin, I know exactly what you mean. I had a chin implant probably about 10 years ago. My mom has a weak chin, so she could sympathize, but many others didn't understand at all and thought I was just being vain/wasting money. Good... READ COMMENT

It really smoothed out your eye area. Its kind of amazing to see the differences side by side. Thank you for sharing your pictures. READ COMMENT