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Breast Revision from a Silicone 365cc Mod to a 550cc or 610cc High Profile to Help W/ Slight Droopiness? (photo)

I am a 36y/o w/ one 5y/o who has always had a case of slight ptosis. I had my first Sx May' 12 and chose to not have a lift bc of scaring and ultimately went w/ a silicone... READ MORE

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Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry to hear that! Have you gone to see another surgeon? You're so right about PS' that are so set on doing BA's w/ a lift. I had moderate ptosis (measured and explained by my PS) and he listened to my concerns re:... READ COMMENT

Hi Amanda! It went really well! It was my dr's first revision Sx but it turned out I was right about having extra space in the pocket. They're hard right now w/ a tiny bit of swelling but they should stay close to what they are now... READ COMMENT

Hi there! If you don't have too much breast tissue and are going for a larger implant than yes, silicone is worth it. You don't want to have rippling and it is suppost to feel more natural. Good luck :))) READ COMMENT

Yes, Bijou :) Im going bigger bc they're just not full enough on top and I have enough extra skin and tissue to accommodate them so.... I'm nervous though! My dr assured me that they won't be beach balls but I'm still a bit worried. Are... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing Amanda. I too, live in Edmonton and almost went for the lift as well as a BA but chickened out. I'm not sure who your surgeon was but mine is great and quoted the same price. I went for 365 silicone moderate under... READ COMMENT