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Questions from Wallody

Bump on Bridge After Bone Removed in Rhinoplasty?

Hi, i got a rhinoplasty five weeks ago , i noticed a bump on the bridge , its not that hard , i dont know if its a bone or not , so i asked my doctor who told me that he... READ MORE

Ice on Bump After 5 Weeks Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago , i got a bone removed from the bridge , i noticed a bump on one side , exactly where the hump used to be , can i use ice packs with little... READ MORE

Pressure on Bump After Six Weeks of Rhinoplasty?

Hi, today before putting tape on nose , i pressed a little hard on a bump on nose bridge , i was upset about it , so i thought that pressing hard might be helpful , i did this... READ MORE

Hit on Nose Tip After 9 Weeks of Rhinoplasty?

Hi, i got my nose tip smaller and higher (lift up) , my 4 years old son accidently hit my tip from down with his head when he was sitting on my lap watching tv and wanted to... READ MORE

Is it ok to use oily treatments with 1% Salicylic Acid for combination skin? (photo)

I dont know exactly what is my skin type becouse only my nose is excessive oily , no chin or forhead , i got uneven skin tone , open pores with ice pick scars , some brown... READ MORE

Why Hair falls after fractional CO2 and PRP to fix old hair transplant scar?

My hair around the scar at the back of my head fell after the operation , too many hairs in my comb , more visible area now around the scar , will it grow back ? READ MORE

Will my hair grow back after fraxional CO2 laser ?

I used both CO2 laser and PRP as first session on back of my head for old long scar from FUT hair transplant done 13 years ago , many hair fell from the scar surroundings .... READ MORE

Which is best for hair . PRP or PPP or both ?

I used both prp and ppp injections together for 3 sessions now , one month apart , not that much improvement , so i was wondering maybe i should had used like only PRP not both... READ MORE

Can I use revivogen after FUE hair transplant?

I got a fue hair transplant a month ago and had 3 PRP sessions before that and one PRP session after the transplant , so i need your advice if i can use revivogen starting now... READ MORE

Yellowish pimples lookalike all over chest after hair transplant. (photos)

I had a hair transplant 10 months ago , the donor area was the chest. After couple of months i noticed very tiny yellowish spots on parts of the chest. After that they turned... READ MORE

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Looks good , but still , 6 months still too early. It takes atleast one year to see good results , and 18 months to see final results. Be patient for now , you still got a full year full for final results. READ COMMENT