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Eyebrow Droop?

I had botox 4 days ago to the 11s and forehead . I think my eyes look heavy with eyelids sagging a little. I have very little movement in the top of my forehead but I can still... READ MORE

Eyebrow Droop After Botox?

32 years old. Think I'm experiencing eyebrow droop. Had 25 units I think in 11s and forehead. Have lateral movement in one side so eyebrow lifts at side but barely any movement... READ MORE

Botox Drooping Eyebrow Permanent?

3 months ago I had botox which caused drooping of one eyebrow. Although I now have what seems to be full movement back suggesting the botox has worn off, the eyebrow still... READ MORE

Any Real Ways to Help Aged and Tired Appearance Other Than Cosmetic Surgery, in Particular Dark Circles Around Eyes?

I feel like I am looking old and tired but I'm only 33 years old. Botox caused problems for me so I do not wish to try it or other cosmetic surgery again. Can anyone recommend... READ MORE

Can botox to the 11s only cause eyebrow or eyelid droop?

Ive previously had botox to the 11s and the forehead and I suffered quite bad eyebrow droop. Im considering having it just to the 11s. Is this likely to happen again and can it... READ MORE

Thread veins around the nose

I have thread veins around my nose area that seem to have gradually spread over years. I now find it difficult to cover them for any period of time. What is the most effective... READ MORE


Is it possible to get any benefit from Caci Facials or other similar treatments or are they a waste of time? Furthermore are there any potential adverse side effects? READ MORE

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eyebrow droop

I had botox to the forehead and between the eyebrows 5 days ago and my eyebrows now seem to be sagging over my eyelids. One eyebrow is much worse than the other and in that... READ MORE