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Gaining Confidence! Post-Op Day 12, New Pics - Vancouver, BC

Hi! I am so excited to finally be starting my own review and breast reduction journey on Realself.com. I'm a 21 year old female, I measure 5'2 in height and weigh 115 lbs. For as long as I can remember I've felt the need to wear a bra. I was a B cup in grade 7, quickly advancing to a C and then about a D cup by the 9th grade. I've always been known as the girl with the huge tits, as the guys... READ MORE

Questions from Emilyy.lauren

Best Breast Reduction Technique & Nipple Placement? (photo)

Hi, Im 21 years old 5'2 118 lbs and 32DDD breasts. I want to reduce to a B or very small C at most. My chest has always overwhelmed my frame & has caused pain/self esteem... READ MORE

Board Certified Surgeons in Vancouver, Bc? (photo)

Hi Im curious about finding the right surgeon. Ive read many others' stories saying their surgeon was certified by the American board of plastic surgery. Is this something I... READ MORE

Marijuana & Breast Reduction?

Hi I am wondering, I smoke marijuana on a daily basis for medical reasons. I have read that smoking (cigarettes) can worsen your scars during breast reduction recovery. Would... READ MORE

Tanning and Breast Reduction?

I'm wondering if tanning will have a negative impact on my BR scars and how long after surgery I should wait to tan? Are there any products I could apply to my incisions to... READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Lower Body Exercise?

I just had a breast reduction on Monday Feb. 18, 2013. Up until my surgery I was doing cardio and strength training exercises around 4x per week. I would like to remain active... READ MORE

Tanning and Breast Reduction Scar Protection?

I had a breast reduction in February and will be going on vacation to mexico in a few weeks. What can I do to protect my scars? is there UV blocking surgical tape for the... READ MORE

How can I reduce my "angry" look? (photo)

I am wondering what type of procedures would be needed to remove my "angry face". I am often told I look angry or very serious and it makes me self conscious. I have already... READ MORE

Asymmetrical breasts after Breast Reduction. Is Revision surgery covered by Insurance in Vancouver, BC? (photos)

Reduced in 2013 and pleased with results despite one breast is a full cup size larger. I was a 32 DDD and now a 32 B-C. For surgery I had 1/3 removed off left and 1/2 off right... READ MORE

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Top Heavy, I reviewed the community guidelines and reported abuse for the situation. Also below the negative comments have been removed by the community manager! She also sent me a private message and its interesting because I've had 2... READ COMMENT

The fear I experienced was pretty muh the unknown expectations about recovery, how I would feel, if it was the right decision etc. I guess we all make things up to cope with our fears! READ COMMENT

That's exactly what I was thinking after looking at her profile. And she keeps saying to me I remind her of herself when she was young. That's nice but IM NOT YOU! I'm me, and I made a decision to improve my life. She said to me "Do you... READ COMMENT

Everything you said is literally everything I feel! I don't understand why she felt it was necessary to say that, going through surgery is enough of an emotional journey and I just want support. My whole family and friends have been... READ COMMENT

Thank you girly21 for your support. This is exactly the type of comments that I was hoping/expecting to receive. There's always going to be something a person doesn't like about themselves whether it is a physical disability or a... READ COMMENT