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I've not written my story. Terrified someone I know might recognize me and think I'm vain or something silly like that. I just started posting when read your story because I felt we have similar life experiences (minus the divorce;)... READ COMMENT

That's how I felt the first 4 weeks--heavy boobs! But now I hate wearing a bra!! It's so constricting and don't need the support now anyways;) READ COMMENT

Just curious, what's the reason for the ace bandage? Is that because you had overs? It's interesting to me how different PS's require different aftercare instructions! Mine just sent me home with little strips on the crease, no special... READ COMMENT

No kidding! I set in down for 2 minutes while washing my hands in a restaurant bathroom! Walked out and literally turned right back around to grab my phone and it was gone! So upsetting:( READ COMMENT

You breast look absolutely amazing!!! I've heard that over the muscle is less painful and no high and tightness. ButI went under the muscle and honestly, I felt pain the first night (surgery was over at 5pm) but no pain the day. Just a... READ COMMENT