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Hi Ladies. I know I haven't been posting much, but I've had a cold on and off since Dec and have just had a steady recovery. I've run a few times, and noticed a lot more swelling the next day. Today I had my 3 month post op and my PS... READ COMMENT

Best of luck to both of you. I had two sections, and though the incision didn't bother me much more than a c. The swelling and muscle repair is quite different though. You may have drains and need to be on pain killers for 2 weeks, Try... READ COMMENT

Sorry if this is not what you want to hear, but I would not recommend having the surgery with a child that young. I was not allowed to lift anything more than 5lbs for 6 weeks, so not sure how you would even put the baby it their crib.... READ COMMENT

Question for those of you using silicon scar strips... Do you also try to do some sort f scar massage? I have been wearing one set of strips after my shower in the am, through till the next morning, then removing, doing a scar massage... READ COMMENT

I hear you on the sore back - it was one of the worst parts of my recovery. I am straight as an arrow now (5 wks po) when wearing my binder, but I feel myself tending to hunch over a bit when I have it off (while washing it). Just a... READ COMMENT