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What Can Be Done to Correct and Reduce my Lips?

I had braces as a kid to fix my buck teeth, one of my teeth grew out of my gum. My lips stretched to conform to my teeth, but now my teeth are straight but my lips look awful!... READ MORE

Can IPR Fix Protruding Big Teeth?

I had braces years ago. Problem is, my front teeth are big, wide, and look like horse teeth! From the front they look too straight and they protrude from the side. Will... READ MORE

Best Chemical Peel for African Americans?

I have acne and pimples all over my face. Will a chemical peel get rid of them? Is the Jessners peel a good choice? Or the Sensi peel? READ MORE

Teeth Extraction/Braces or Jaw Surgery?

I was told by an orthodontist I needed to get braces a SECOND time and extractions to fix my overbite and a chin implant. My upper teeth protrude forward and there's lots of... READ MORE

How Can I Fix an Adult Overjet?

My top teeth overjet over my bottom. Its not an overbite as I thought before. As an adult, how can I fix this without getting braces again? Are there functional appliances for... READ MORE

Will braces help my severe bimax protrusion or should I get surgery? (photo)

I have long face syndrome, long chin, mouth open at rest. My teeth flare out extremely. I've already had extractions because I knew I needed them. But Im wondering should I... READ MORE

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Thank you so much for posting this!! I am considering surgery too but I dont want to be rushed or have to choose a surgery date just yet. Im also very nervous about what others will think. But looking at your pictures your nose looks... READ COMMENT