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Melasma Treatment over the Counter

Hi All, So i have melasma on my face mostly cheeks and bad on my upper cheek bones under my eyes . I of course hate it . I bought ROC retinol correxion MAX wrinkle resurfacing system at CVS for 29.95 and they currently have buy one get second one for 50% off so I bought two boxes . I used this stuff 5 days so far . It is supposed to be at night I have done night and a couple of times day as... READ MORE

Lip Lift , Straightening Collema, Fat Transfer to Lips, Eyes and Temples , Removal of Chin Implant - Los Angeles, CA

I came to California from NY to have this done . I figured I would share in case this is helpful to anyone else . It is very early on as it was done the night of the 17th so I am about 48 hrs in right now I'll show before and after a to this point . There is two small cuts on my lip where it split so it appears my one side is higher than the other idk if it really is or if it's the extra... READ MORE

My Journey - Tijuana, Mexico

I had a major issue with broken silicone breast implants .I needed a Dr. to take out my old broken implants and clean me up and replace them with new ones asap. I have a friend who had seen Dr Romero and was very pleased with her results .She looked absolutely fabulous no doubt , although hers were a little on the large side for what i wanted , still amazing and beautiful. I visited a... READ MORE

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I Need a Dr Specializes in Pear Shaped Breast Implants?

I have had Round implants as well as Pear shaped implants I perfer the pear shaped inside my body with my bone structure it looks Much better on me , having had both I am sure... READ MORE

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I believe having had dermabrasion years ago that if under the scar is a wider deeper scar when the level of the skin is lowered you see the scaring that was below it . For example I currently have a scar I got after my dermabrasion as I... READ COMMENT

If you. Click my orofike you can see dozens of pics of me but idk if they show my melisma . It's ok my cheek bones under my eyes and I'm not comfortable showing my entire face sadly or I would have on my most recent review. So far it... READ COMMENT

I think my nose and septum are swollen . I had a very little work on my nose at the same time and I feel somewhat puffy . READ COMMENT

I think I am yes directly under my nose READ COMMENT

How are you doing? READ COMMENT