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Yes for sure! i was told my cast will come off after one week. it's good to compare situations! wow a week ago u had the surgery and you look like nothing happened except the cast! i hope to be the same. i will show u picture too very... READ COMMENT

I forgot to ask what was the date of your surgery? just to get an idea with recovery! Thanxxx so much for your help! READ COMMENT

Wow thank you so much Heidi, this is incredible! you will be my only contact for a week since i do this in secrecy i didn't tell anyone and i broke up with my boyfriend in august so i just wanna get over with this alone!! So im worried... READ COMMENT

Hello! i'm just wondering how you mean it will be a long while to see the outcome? after taking off the cast, is it not presentable or it keeps changing shape? im just a bit worried im gonna have it done next week and any note helps me... READ COMMENT

(sorry its 'fear' and not ear, in my note!!) a wrong typing READ COMMENT