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Sculptra and Blood Thinners?

Do blood thinners like Plavix diminish or lessen the positive effects of Sculptra injections? READ MORE

Ultherapy Plus Sculptra? (photo)

I had my third and final Sculptra treatment in February. Does it make any sense or is there a downside to having Ultherapy at this point? READ MORE

Retinol vs. tretinon as an alternative?

I've used a retinol 1 % facial cream for several years. I'm considering using tretinon as an alternative from my demotologist. I'm curious, what is the difference and is one... READ MORE

How often should I have Sculptra done? (photos)

In Dec. 2012, I started Sculptra treatment with a single injection each month for the next three months. In Dec. 2013, I had a followup with one injection. I'm considering... READ MORE

Exilis or Ultherapy?

I'm considering either Ultherapy or Exilis for skin tightening around the face and neck. Which one has the better results and what is the difference between the two? READ MORE