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I'm not sure, sorry. I wouldn't have thought it could cause any adverse reaction in your case though. Best of luck. READ COMMENT

Hi Why Me, yes I'm still using it. My brows are slowly but surely getting lighter. Like I said, it's no quick fix but it does seem to be speeding up the fading process. I'll continue with it... I only now need a little concealer to make... READ COMMENT

Hope you find success Vee49030, think I'll stick with the glycolic peel as is seems to be working for me. If you do manage to get rid of your brow tattoos please think long and hard before getting them done again. I wouldn't even... READ COMMENT

Long time lurker, new poster... Thought I'd share my experience as it may be of use to somebody. I had my eyebrows tattooed about 4 years ago, I’ve never been totally happy with them, over the years they have faded in some parts to a... READ COMMENT