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Looking for Reviews on Facelifts with Dr Ary Krau

I can find nothing about his techniques on facelifts if there is anyone out there who has had surgery with him for anything to do with the face specifically i am looking at his... READ MORE

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Do not have them laser removed, they can turn black. Go for saline removal it is cheaper, safer and out in one or two treatments. READ COMMENT

Hi georgia im heading pass your way if you want them removed let me know we can do it without laser and in a natural way.pm if you want to READ COMMENT

Do not use laser as it can go black afterwards use saline removal and find someone who does that, READ COMMENT

Yes i have and it works really well READ COMMENT

You can salt wash the eyebrows. rub the area down and rub fine salt into the tattooed area, allow it to scab and pigment will be drawn out by the salt you can also use baking soda as this has a natural pulling action READ COMMENT