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Worst Decision I've Ever Made

All I wanted out of this was a neckline again. I knew liposuction would not be enough for me. My local doctor charges $9,000 for a neck lift, so $6,900 for a full face lift sounded pretty good to me! I paid an extra $3500 for a breast lift, and I was told I needed to stay at Pat's recovery house an extra four days for the breast lift. But when I arrived there, I was told that that would be... READ MORE

Questions from HowDoYouKnow

Must I stop taking low doses of Ephedrine before Liposuction and a Breast lift?

I am taking ephedrine two or three times a day at 12.5mg each tablet. Do I need to stop taking this before surgery, and, if so, how long before? What are the dangers? Thanks so... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for an inner thigh lift? (Photo)

I have been told by one doctor that I would not get much benefit from an inner thigh lift. Thanks for your time! READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for an arm lift? (Photo)

I know the arm lift leaves a long scar, but the flabby leftover skin after a 30-pound weight loss seems like it might be worse! Any other ideas? Thanks so much! READ MORE

Double chin five weeks after neck/mid facelift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am five weeks and three days out from my neck and face lift, and it seems that my neck/double chin is nearly as bad as it was before surgery. It was nice and flat about a... READ MORE

I am nine weeks post face/neck lift and serious neck remains. (Photo)

I see very little improvement in neck after nine weeks. The whole point of facelift was to get rid of neck, as I knew lipo alone wouldn't do it. So much scarring for nothing!... READ MORE

Are these scars normal after face and neck lift? (Photos)

I had face and neck lift in Mexico about nine weeks ago. Are these scars normal? Is this current/modern practice? What type of procedure is this? Is this what everyone gets... READ MORE

Can I get a Facelift Revision and a Breast Lift/Reduction at the same time?

Hi there. I am wanting a facelift revision and a breast lift/reduction. Is it fairly common/doable to have these two procedures at the same time? READ MORE

I am 6.5 weeks post deep-plane face and neck lift. Will this swelling under chin after necklift go away? (photo)

Performed by a face specialist. The doctor told me that he sewed my platysma muscles together, as well as cut out a large fat pad. I still have a large double chin, and am... READ MORE

Is this double chin 12 weeks post deep-plane facelift acceptable/normal? (photos)

Hi there. I am 12 weeks post deep-plane face lift with platysmaplasty and removal of fat pad. I am confident in my doctor and can feel the work he did. What could be causing... READ MORE

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Thank you so much for the detailed review. I am almost 2.5 years out and have gained about 20 pounds (or half of total loss) back, and have really been beating myself up, but I know it's partly my fault. It does seem that people gain... READ COMMENT

I had the sleeve in December, 2014. I only lost about 30 pounds of the 50 I wanted to, and I have since gained back 16 of those pounds, for a total loss of only about 14 pounds. I eat very healthy and work out 3-4 times/week. Very... READ COMMENT

Hi, reelt. I, too, am up 20 pounds since my lowest weight after sleeve. Going to Mexico to switch to mini-bypass. I would love to know how you're doing now! READ COMMENT

Can I ask how tall you are, please? READ COMMENT

Hi there. Can you please tell us how much the procedures cost? Thank you! READ COMMENT