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Must I stop taking low doses of Ephedrine before Liposuction and a Breast lift?

I am taking ephedrine two or three times a day at 12.5mg each tablet. Do I need to stop taking this before surgery, and, if so, how long before? What are the dangers? Thanks so... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for an inner thigh lift? (Photo)

I have been told by one doctor that I would not get much benefit from an inner thigh lift. Thanks for your time! READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for an arm lift? (Photo)

I know the arm lift leaves a long scar, but the flabby leftover skin after a 30-pound weight loss seems like it might be worse! Any other ideas? Thanks so much! READ MORE

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Welcome to the other side! You will never regret it! READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for sharing. I would so love to see some photos! I live in Asia, as well. Where did you go for your surgery? Is this cost all-inclusive? Thanks so much! READ COMMENT

Wow. Amazing results! What exactly do they do? Do the just object your own fat into the "troughs"? Do they remove anything? How long are Your results expected to last? Thanks so much for sharing! READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for sharing. You look amaxzkng. Soft and natural and youthful and healthy. Do please keep us updated on your progress! READ COMMENT

I lost all of my weight in the first five months, as well, and then crept up eight pounds or so. I workout about an hour and a half five to six days a week at 4:00am, but yeah, I'm tired and hungry all the time. I am one year and three... READ COMMENT