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Need Help - Basingstoke, UK

I have used 50% glycolic acid twice now on my face and have not noticed any peeling? why is this? it makes my look shiny and nice but no peeling and no reduction in wrinkles? I don't know if im doing something wrong? I need help because I was really hoping that this would work to help out with my dull boring skin! READ MORE

Questions from jkaclark123

Haven't Started Peeling Yet!?

I've had 3 glycolic peels 50% and haven't noticed peeling or any reduction in wrinkles. do you need to peel to see difference? plus what would you recommend to keep skin... READ MORE

Are Fillers Or Botox Best for Fine Lines Under the Eyes?

I have little fine lines under my eyes as well as hereditary dark circles. I was tod fillers were the best option for me, I'm worried that the filer may move or I won't get... READ MORE

Just Had Filllers and I Think It Was Done Wrong or Something Bad Has Happened? (photo)

I only had dark circles now the skin injected has turned in to eye bags I look horrible and I'm worried its going to stay like this..please help!? READ MORE

Had Fillers Dissolved but Every Now and Again my Eyes Will Swell That Makes It Look Like the Filler is Still There?

I had my under eye fillers dissolved about a week ago and normally my eyes look great with no swelling but twice now on different occasions I have woken up with an itchy face... READ MORE

Is PRP Helpful in Reducing Fine Lines Around the Eyes?

Is prp therapy a good or useful treatment of lines and wrinkles? How long does it take to work? Is it as good as under eye filers? READ MORE

Will Lower Eyelid Surgery Help with my Wrinkles Under the Eyes and my Bags? (photo)

I was looking in to getting lower lid surgery and I wanted to know if it helps with wrinkles and bags under my eyes? READ MORE

I had fillers under my eyes and also in my cheeks which I was told would make make my dark circles look better?

I had fillers under my eyes and also in my cheeks which I was told would make make my dark circles look better, instead they look the same, if not worse! I have no idea what to... READ MORE

I had a otoplasty about 3-4 years ago, but ears are pointy again?

Ihad my ears pinned back a while ago, but they seem to have sprung back out, is that possible? They look really strange too as well as they are not symmetrical. I don't really... READ MORE