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Saved my Eyes! - Beverly Hills, CA

After a 6 month NIGHTMARE of trying to fix this Restylane mess under my eyes, I finally saw Dr. Aharanov. With just two pricks of a needle (and no bruising or marks) he was able to accomplish what 18 other doctors could not do- return my eyes back to normal. Three days later, my eyes look SO much better! Thank you Dr. Aharanov! READ MORE

Questions from Anika1

Dots After Laser?

I had a fractional CO2 laser treatment (SmartSKin at medium setting) under the eyes 4 weeks ago. My skin there has these miniscule dots left that are most noticeable when I try... READ MORE

Belotero Injected over Restylane?

I had restylane injected under eyes with disastrous results. I had it dissolved several times, but believe residual restylane is causing irregularities in contour. Would... READ MORE

How Long for Belotero to Settle?

How long does it take for Belotero to "settle" under the eyes? Thanks. READ MORE

Belotero Lumps - Massage?

I had a superficial injection of Belotero under the eyes three days ago. Should I be massaginbtheblumps down at this point? Thanks! READ MORE

Under Eyes Puffy After Belotero?

Hello, I hade Belotero injected rather superficially under the eyes a week ago. It is still puffy. Will this go down on its own or can Belotero have this puffy effect? Thank you! READ MORE

Any Doctors Skilled at Fixing Filler Mistakes in California?

Hello, I had a really bad experience with restylane under the eyes 6 months ago. Had it dissolved,but left residual problems. Also tried to have more filler injected to smoothe... READ MORE

Crepey, Scaly Skin After Superficial Injection of Belotero 2 Weeks Ago?

I had Belotero injected superficially in the tear troughs two weeks ago. One eye is still bruised and swollen and the other is slightly puffy. I am worried because the skin... READ MORE

Chemical Peel After Laser?

I had a fractional CO2 laser treatment done under my eyes 7 weeks ago and have since had my restylane removed from under eyes as well as a displaced vein from the restylane... READ MORE

What amount of time do you recommend between dissolving fillers and getting a peel?

Hello, I have had a hard 6 months with filler under the eyes (had it dissolved, but left lumpy and saggy so had ulthera and fractional co2 w/more restylane to camouflage... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Under Eyes? Please Help- Thank You!

I have had a rough 6 months after having restylane injected under eyes (dissolved, then ulthera, then restylane reinjected, fractional co2, vein removed, belotero to hide... READ MORE

Should I Dissolve Remaining Superficial Filler?

I had belotero injected 4 weeks ago and 8 days ago I had it dissolved. I still have some superficial product remaining In Tear trough which is just enough to bother me in some... READ MORE

Is Belotero Harder to Dissolve?

Is Belotero crosslinked in a way that makes it harder to dissolve? I had superficial belotero dissolved yesterday under eyes and it doesn't seem to have deflated. How long does... READ MORE

Restylane for Muscle Hypertrophy in Tear Trough?

Hello, I had a bad experience with Restylane in the tear troughs 6.5 months ago. Had it dissolved several times, then had to have it reinjected, then dissolved. FInally found a... READ MORE

Crepey Skin Result of Swelling After Restylane? Will It Resolve?

Hello, I had restylane injected in the tear troughs 5 days ago. As the swelling subsides, my skin looks crepey and shriveled? Is this a result of the swelling? If so, is it... READ MORE

Crepey Skin and Fine Lines Under Eyes?

Hello, I had a hard 7 months after a bad Retylane job under my eyes. I had vitrase, ulthera, fractional co2, and sclerotherapy before I found a surgeon who was able to properly... READ MORE

Recovery Time TCA 15%?

Hello, how long will my recovery time be for a TCA at 15% full face, including eyes? How long before I am picture-ready? Thank you! READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles?

Hello, how can I get rid of or lesson these wrinkles (when smiling)? I had restylane injected under eyes 3 1/2 weeks ago. I am not interested in Botox under eyes. Are they a... READ MORE

How to Care for Skin After TCA Peel?

Hello, how should one take care of skin after a TCA peel? I use Retin-a on face, but am hesitant to use under eyes. I just finished peeling under eyes and am using a... READ MORE

Saggy Juvederm Pouches?

I had Juvederm injected into corners of mouth and under lips, which looked terrible so I had it dissolved four days ago. Now it looks worse- puffy pouches around my mouth. Is... READ MORE

Why Are The Corners of Mouth Different After Juvederm?

Hello, I had Juvederm dissolved at the corners of my mouth and under lip corners 6 days ago. I think there may still be some slight bruising, but my smile looks weird, it feels... READ MORE

Juvederm Overfill?

Hello, I had excess Juvedeem dissolved around my mouth (corners and under lips) 11 days ago. It is still swollen and creating contour irregularities. Should I wait for it... READ MORE

Blotchiness After Peel?

Hello, I had a medium TCA peel two weeks ago and my cheeks and chin are still irritated, blotchy, and uneven-colored. The texture is worse than before, as well. I was reassured... READ MORE

Facial After Peel?

How long must I wait to have a facial after a medium TCA peel? Thanks. READ MORE

Belotero Discoloration?

I know that Belotero is less apt to cause Tyndall Effect, but it seems to cause more of a yellow/brown discoloration when injected superficially. Why is this? Thanks! READ MORE

Spot Treat Fractional Laser Around Mouth?

Hello, I have some puffiness/creppiness around my mouth. I tried fillers and think they contribute to puffiness. I was wondering if dissolving my fillers and spot treating with... READ MORE

Enzyme or Dissolve Naturally?

Will juvederm and Belotero dissolve more evenly with time vs. hyaluronidase? Thanks. READ MORE

How Long for Juvederm and Belotero to Dissolve Around Mouth?

Hello, I had juvederm and belotero injected around my mouth area (juvederm 3 months ago, belotero 1 1/2 months ago). I hate it all and have been unlucky with hyaluronidase in... READ MORE

How Long for Water Retention to Resolve After Breast Lift/augmentation?

I am considering a breast lift/augmentation- 38 y/o, 5'6" and 118 pounds. I have a small frame and 1 or 2 extra pounds on me is enough to cause me not to fit in my pants. How... READ MORE

Recent comments from Anika1

Restylane under the eyes is an extremely risky choice, which is not immediately correctable if it goes wrong. I HIGHLY recommend the other options over filler under eyes. READ COMMENT

I had a very similar experience over two years ago. It has been a long road, but I look and feel better and closer to normal again. I did find that medium to deep TCA peels (which are cheaper than other procedures, which is why many... READ COMMENT

So glad you are better- for me the Vitrase experience was bad because I kept having to go back for more injections, which was more traumatic than having it all dissolved at once. READ COMMENT

Be careful with hyaluronidase and multiple injections under eyes. Whatever you decide, take it slowly. The eyes take much longer to heal and stay swollen longer. READ COMMENT

Is it back to normal now after they dissolved? Thanks. READ COMMENT