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Cup Size?

I'm a thick woman and want to be a D cup. Right now I'm 38b-5/6-215 and my rib size is 39. My question is shall i get 500cc or 600 cc to get my D cup? I did some research and I... READ MORE

I Would Like to Go Bigger. How long Do I Have to Wait?

I've 500 cc mod silicone implants, but I'm 5'7 and 225lbs. I would like to go bigger. Had BA in Dec 12. How long do I have to wait? READ MORE

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Your boobs look nice!! Your PS did a wonderful job. What u are experiencing with your boobs will go away. might need a bigger bra :) READ COMMENT

Hi Jenni, I too had issues with BF and we are no longer a couple. Sometimes men become insecure when we enhance our beauty and become rude. It's up to woman to leave or stay. In my opinion, me getting my BA was not about him. It's about... READ COMMENT

Jenni like u I found this site after my BA. I was too busy getting my MSN :) I don't let my PS comment bother me. If my weight was what the BMI chart Say i should be, I would look sick or on drugs. You know how surgeons are.... READ COMMENT

Yes, I've voiced my feelings. He told me to lose weight and they would look bigger. Hahahaha when I lose weight, my natural size "b flat" will also become smaller. I cant lose ribs size :( I won't have another BA. My goal was to be a ... READ COMMENT

Hi Jenni, I know the feeling. I'm too disappointed with my results. One reason why I don't post pics. I'm paid $6200 and loss 2 weeks pay. No OT for 3 months. I can go on/on. I've 475/500 mod silicon. Im 6 months post-op..My question... READ COMMENT