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Hi ladies...: After some research I have found some secrets regarding diet. Corn and corn products are your worse enemy. It is a simple carb, so it breaks down the fastest in our bodies and turns into fat if not burned right away. @... READ COMMENT

Hi ladies.... You all are looking good. @ Sharon, I went to my 2 months post op and and progression is well. Still have some lumps and hard areas. I don't know if your doctor told you, but mine stressed that since is is not full lipo... READ COMMENT

I think it depends on how u heal..... The longer time you can take off, the better. I went back to work after 2 days, but it was hard. During the first 24-48 hrs, it's important to massage to help with drainage... The more the better.... READ COMMENT

Vaser lipo has less bruising and incisions are very small. I would love to see you gals results, b/c I too, am not a fan of my thighs....... Hope all goes well in surgery..... READ COMMENT

I just recieved mine too!! I don't know about the rubbery part, but it is so much more convienent than the whole body suit..... I'm still adjusting to mine, so I haven't fell in love yet. Lol. It sure is squeezing me tho.... READ COMMENT